Barria (aka Camilo Barria) is a director & creative based in the USA.
b. 1973, on July 10th in Concepcion de la Madre Santisima de la Luz (Conception of the Blessed Mother of Light), a far, far away place in Chile surrounded by forest, earthquakes and the Pacific Ocean same day Nikola Tesla, and Ronnie James Dio were born.
Driven by a Major in Sociology, Post Graduate studies in Type, Communication, and Design History, his work focuses on exploring live-action and animation, to express emotions, through compelling, sexy, and funny stories in a unique and memorable manner.
Over the course of his career, his work has been awarded by the Promax BDA Association and published by STASH Magazine (USA), Die Gestalten Verlag (Germany), Zeixs FUB (Germany), and Do Press Books (China). He has collaborated with musician and composer Simon Pyke from Freefarm UK in the project 30 Seconds of Sound Visualized. 
Most recently his music video Cut Me Short screened at the Hong Kong Art House International Film Festival 2016, and the Paris International Music Video Underground Festival 2016. 
He is half of experimental creative & directing crew Blackanimals.