Camilo Barria (b.1973) is an Award-winning Filmmaker, Photographer and Creative based in the USA.

With a Major in Sociology - covering fields like Social Theory, Politics, and Cultural Studies - he tells stories inspired by a quirky sense of humor and a pop sensibility, that highlight the sometimes absurdity of human behavior.

He is one half of Filmmaking Duo BLACKANIMALS  who recently won the Grand Prix and the People's Choice Awards at the ADCAN* 2017 Film Competition. His work has been screened at the Hong Kong Art House Film Festival, and the Paris Music Underground Film Festival. He has also collaborated with musician and composer Simon Pyke in the project 30 Seconds of Sound Visualized.

He served in the past as Creative Director and Art Director for MTV, and Animation Director for PUNGA Visual Consorcio. He has a track record of more than 15 years of experience working in storytelling, creativity, and art direction, evidenced by award-winning films, and creative work.