Easy In, Easy Out. All things Animated! Between 2001 and 2007, I got into motion graphics by way of design. I rapidly evolved to a full-time Art Director for Networks. During that prolific time, I acted as On-Air Art Director at Chilevision, one of the three major networks in Chile; after five years, I moved to Buenos Aires to become Art and Animation Director for the well-known Creative Studio Punga Visual Consorcio. I devoted over five years to the world of broadcast design, motion graphics, and character animation. Working in an array of projects with talented teams of writers, illustrators, 3D artists, and designers, from campaigns to open titles and promos, it was my first step into the craft of directing. Here's a small collection that showcases this experience.

Poderopedia — Poderomedia Foundation

Direction, Art Direction, Animation


Welcome to Miami — The Art Directors Club

Animator, Art Director

Die Ludolfs — Discovery Europe

Animation Director

Monkey Heart — Microsoft Zune

Writer, Animation Director


Flower — Pampers

Writer, Animation Director


El Clic — MTV Networks

Art Direction, Animation Director