And the Winner Is. MTV Award Shows. As Creative Director for Broadcast, one of the crown jewels is ideating and developing the overall look and feel of an Award Show. It's a titanic effort with epic dimensions, a once-in-a-time experience. During my tenure I provided forward-thinking direction, leading teams and engaging pan-regional production companies to meet targets for quality, pioneering work. Below is a sample of two of the most remarkable projects.

MTV Millennial Awards — 2013

A pink cat and a celebration of youth. Enjoy the postmodern psychedelic experience of a dynamic generation. Sound design made of voices, visuals that pay tribute to a tech-savvy tribe where diversity and innovation reign supreme. Now running in its 7th edition, Millennial Awards #MIAW is MTV Latino America's highest-grossing IP. I developed the overall creative strategy and the trophy of the first edition to help transform MTV into a specialized curator that recognizes the most influential creators on the internet.


On-Air Logo Bumpers and Nominee Packages


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Animated Logo — Study


Pink Cat Trophy

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MTV Game Awards — 2011

What is it to live in a world where boundaries between reality and fantasy meltdown? Welcome to a playground where escapism and adventures reframe reality, embrace chaos, and fight for the first place. In 2011 MTV went all mad about video games. It was one of the first iterations to transform MTV into a "tech-digital-savvy" curated brand for the Millennial generation, which later will lead to the creation of the MTV Millennial Awards.     


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