The Edge of Mainstream. MTV Screen & Open Titles. From abstract science to history and comedy. For five years, I was the brain and vision behind remarkable visual projects for MTV, Vh1, and Comedy Central at the MTV Buenos Aires Design Studio, where I held the position of Creative & Art Director. During that time, I brought to life my highly conceptual ideas through collaboration. Looking for and mentoring new talented artists. Under my direction, I challenged aesthetic expectations, avoiding the trends while staying loyal to the brand core values to look for new and innovative approaches. Here's a collection of some of the projects created at that time.

Asterisco — MTV

2008 PromaxBDA Association
Bronze Award Best Show Open

Essentials — MTV

2009 PromaxBDA Association
Gold Award Best Show Open


Bicentenary — MTV

2010 PromaxBDA Association
Gold Award On-Air Identity Campaign / Gold On-Air Program Packaging / Bronze Award Special Event


Cinepop — MTV

2009 PromaxBDA Association
Bronze Award Best Show Open

Juanesencial — MTV

2008 PromaxBDA Association
Silver Award Best Use of Typography

Top Twenty — MTV


Exit: Invisible Slaves — MTV Pro-Social

2012 PromaxBDA Association
Bronze Award Best Show Open

No Pain, No Gain — Comedy Central Idents


Estudio — Vh1 Brazil

Casi Mas — MTV


Joystickeros — MTV


10 x 100 — MTV