3' 12'' / Color, B&W / USA / 2021

3' 12''/Color, B&W/Digital/USA/2021


Eiwaz is an experimental film essay built upon Maya Deren's short film Meditation On Violence from 1948 intertwined with natural elements imagery from old science reels. Violence as energy transmutation, violence as the backbone of creation. Eiwaz is an ancient rune that symbolizes the encounter of life and death, creation and destruction, necessary changes as part of a never-ending cycle. Body as a representation of physical forces, body controlled by external forces, body as an enclosed space for vital energy.



A film by Camilo B. Royer
Music by Juan Ernesto Velásquez
Mixed & Mastered by Pedro Chacón Requena
Research & Production by Camilo B. Royer

The present film is an experimental work of art exploring the power of meaning in images.
Non-commercial use.
Some rights apply.
Concept © Camilo B. Royer
Music © Juan Ernesto Velásquez