Far Within Reach

4' 50'' / Color, B&W / Archival Footage / USA / 2021

3' 12''/Color, B&W/Digital/USA/2021


To be apart, to feel loneliness. To suffer in silence and witness suffering. Far Within Reach is a unique project composed and performed by Ekin Fil & Ella Zwietnig to counterpoint the anxiety of an unpleasant time. The found-footage video concept for the music remixes German experimental filmmaker Lutz Mommartz's films with old home movies and educational reels from the internet to explore a new sense of being close to each other
under uncertainty. In the distance, solitary days turn us towards our human essence. Beyond doom scrolling, sleeplessness days, normality, and societal spaces, we long for a soft hand in the
back, a trivial whisper, a bike ride, compassion, face to face
smiles. In the oddity, we discover the tiny moments that give life meaning. Facing the infinite solitude of the distance and relentless nights within the endless horizon of gone days,
we learn to be together again.



A film by Camilo B. Royer
Music by Ekin Fil and Ella Zwietnig
Mixed & Mastered by Florian Zwietnig
Research & Production by Camilo B. Royer

The present film is an experimental work of art exploring the power of meaning in images.
Non-commercial use.
Some rights apply.
Concept © Camilo B. Royer
Music © Ekin Fil and Ella Zwietnig