Look at the Clouds


Postcards From Last Summer 

3' 22''/Color, B&W/Digital/USA/2021

16min/Color, B&W/Digital & 16mm/USA/2019


Look at the Clouds
is part, an experimental film essay, and
a music video, built upon old found footage of family trips, science, and nuclear defense reels. It explores nostalgia as created memories.
A remembrance for what we haven't lived yet. A yearning
for what we wouldn't live, perhaps. A desire to be a different "persona" living a strange familiarity. But, how can we be others
if what we think is what we are? What If we can be others? Wouldn't that erase what we think now? If we can be others,
isn't nostalgia a memory of who we were during that second when we wanted to be a new us?


Two twenty-something girls face a daydreaming self-discovery journey between carefree days and the sorrow of a world of misconceptions in a summer go-away trip.


Emma and Lola are in their early twenties and already know
one or two things about broken hearts and unbearable expectations. During a summer holiday, what it's a simple
escape to the tropical wilderness of the Everglades to forgive
and forget, turn into a self-discovery journey, fulfilled with carefree fantasies, childish games, and a quirky rebellion
against roles and rules.

Postcards From Last Summer is a hypertextual coming-of-age film essay, an evocative snapshot created upon reflexive notes, off-screen narration, and pop-ish tableaux vivants.

The film was independently produced, shot on 16mm, on location in the Everglades National Park and Miami Beach.



Concept, Montage by Camilo B. Royer
Music by Juan Ernesto Velásquez
Mixed & Mastered by Pedro Chacón Requena
Research & Production by Camilo B. Royer

The present film is an experimental work of art exploring the power of meaning in images.
Non-commercial use.
Some rights apply.
Concept © Camilo Barria Royer
Music © Juan Ernesto Velásquez


Written by Adriana Lodolo and Camilo Barria
Starring Isadora Leiva and Julia Steiner
Narrated by Ella Zwietnig
Produced and Directed by Camilo Barria
Original Score by Ella Zwietnig 
Additional Music by Florian Zwietnig
Audio Engineering, Mix, and Sound Design: 
Florian Zwietnig at Oogum Boogum Studio
Berlin, Germany & Ochsendorf, Austria
Images, Editing: Camilo Barria
Assistant Director: Adriana Lodolo 
Camera Assistant: Francisco Garcia
Make-Up, Stylist: Nayra Figueroa
Production Design: Barria, Lodolo 
Shot on Kodak Film 16mm 
Camera: Krasnogorsk-3

Processing, Scanning: Colorlab, MD, USA
Color Consultant: Abel Rodriguez Nieto
Casting, Locations: Camilo Barria
Production: Blackanimals
Shot on location in Everglades National Park
and Miami Beach, Florida, USA


All Content © Camilo B. Royer – All Rights Reserved